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What Our Customers Say...

"As a Paterson, New Jersey Police Officer of 16 years, I have been called to many, many homes where the door

was kicked-in by an intruder. Seeing the ease in which this can be done, the amount of damage it causes, and

the cost to repair it led me to research how to prevent it from happening on my home as home security is of

paramount importance to me.


After purchasing several door frame reinforcement products, I can tell you that without question, the Door Security Pro

door guard is the best of all of them. In fact, I purchased and installed them on all of the exterior doors on my home.

I know of nothing else that you can do to protect your home that costs as little and protects as much.


I highly recommend the Door Security Pro."


Robert - Paterson, New Jersey Police Officer






I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how pleased I am with the Door Security Pro system I recently purchased and installed.


First, the product arrived quickly with no missing parts, and the instructions were easy to follow.  


I was able  to install it on both my doors in about 35 minutes very easily, actually it took me longer to set up and clean up than it did for the

actual install, and I am just an average handy man, so if I can do it, anyone can.


The ultimate is that now my door feels like Fort Knox, solid when I close it, and makes a very distinctive,"CLICK", when I shut the door.

Sounds and feels strong!  My wife was very impressed, with the product, and my installation, she said it looked like a professional did it!


I know that we are now better protected against any would be intruders, as they will not get through my doors very easily, and I will have

time to take action before they get in my home.


People don't realize how weak their entry doors are and how easily they can be broken into, everyone should have "Door Security Pro"

on their entry doors. This is one of the best security investments I have made for our home.


Thanks for a wonderful product! I have just ordered 2 more to install in my wife's parents house so we can help protect them as well.



Steve M.

Spring, Texas






I have to say no one in their right mind would ever install a prehung door without one of these installed if they knew just how fragile the

door frames are constructed now days. Thank-You for building and manufacturing such a product to protect peoples families.











fyi.... I installed your product aprox a week ago, and it is VERY good! Nothing else that I looked at could have worked on my thick door, but yours

worked like a charm!




Dave Bishop

Las Vegas, NV






We recently moved into a new house, and called a locksmith to change our locks.

Without getting into too much detail, the locksmith was 'sketchy' at best.  This locksmith

had copies of my new keys!


I knew if I called the owner, he would not believe my story.  

So, I started to look online for security options.  I came across Door Security Pro as well

as several others.  I called all top 3 companies.


I spent countless hours doing my research, and after talking to the owner (Dave), decided this was the

company. His customer service skills were amazing.  I was terrified.  He assured me he would make me

feel secure.  That is exactly what he did.  He really cares about his customers, and will go the 'extra mile'

to assure you he is there to help.  He did exactly that!


I contacted a handyman to install my new door jambs.  The handyman showed up

and asked me, "why do you want to do this?"


I didn't want to go into the story, and asked him to please just install

the new door jambs.  By the time he had installed the Door Security Pro on 4 of my doors, he

said he was a 100% believer in their product.  He thought the product was superior

to anything he had installed before, and felt it was definitely worth the money I had

spent to purchase the product.  


If you are thinking about contacting the 'other' companies out there, think about

ordering from David @ Door Security Pro.  He will answer the phone and answer any

questions you might have.  I contacted the other companies prior to ordering from this

company and there is no comparison in the level of customer service.  My safety and comfort

level is worth every penny I spent.  If they doubled the price, I would pay's worth it!

I LOVE this security.   Anyone thinking about doing this should 'JUST DO IT' son has

already scheduled installation for his 3 doors, and my daughter is next.  I want to protect our

precious grandchildren.  What better gift?  Thank you Door Security Pro.


You ARE the BEST!


Terry H.

Cincinnati, OH






In May of 2012 a burglar kicked in the back door on my house. After the break-in, I installed a Door Security Kit on the door.

Thinking that no one would be so bold as to kick-in the front door (because they would be too easily seen doing it), I did not

install a Door Security Kit on the front door. Fast forward to December 2012, now a burglar tried to kick-in the back door again.

I know this because I could see the footprints on the back door. However, this time he did not get in because the Door Security Kit

stopped him, BUT...he did kick-in the front door and robbed the house. Lesson learned. Today I ordered a Door Security Kit for the front door.


Thanks for making such a great product that truly works!


K. E. - Fort Mill, SC






For years I felt uneasy leaving my home. A townhouse that provided less than 1/2" thickness in the door frame and dead bolt. I inquired with several carpenters about the issue of making it more secure but to no avail. A couple of weeks ago I went on the web searching for door security products, and came across DOOR SECURITY PRO, I watched YouTube videos about it and called a carpenter to question him about this product. His response was yes that would greatly enhance the security of your door, and he explained to me that the length of the screws, and steel plates would make it as secure as you can get it. That was all I needed, and I made the order. The product came quickly, and installed with no problem, even the weather stripping fit like a glove. Now I can leave my house knowing that its secured from any intruder. Thanks again Door Security Pro for making a product that works for a reasonable price.


Mark - Louisiana






"As a Fresno, CA police officer I have been dispatched to more home burglaries than I can possibly remember.

Over the years, I've noticed that burglars most often seem to prefer kicking in the garage door on homes to gain

entry (at least here in Fresno). After constantly seeing this type of crime, I decided that I MUST reinforce my garage



After exhaustively searching for products online, and more specifically YouTube, I came across what I feel are the

best home door security products available -- the Door Security Pro. On 7/6/13 I ordered the 48" Door Security Kit.

It's very well made...and I have to admit, it's even easier to install than I had imagined.


I was so impressed with the products and the security that it creates, that today (7/15/13), I ordered 2 more Door

Security Kits for the other two doors on my house. In my line of work, and seeing how burglars get into houses,

and how often it happens, I highly suggest that everyone should reinforce their entry doors, the door hinges, and

especially the door frame. And when they do it, I recommend that they install the Door Security Pro brand of products."


M. S., Fresno, CA Police Officer








I installled your product today. Very easy and smooth.  Nice going!!


- Howard  (Howard S. Sutkin, MD, FACS) - Los Gatos, California








Recently I have heard several reports of doors being kicked in to gain entry into homes in our city. When I came across Door Security Pro on the Internet, I decided to buy one kit to evaluate the quality and see if I could install it. I was impressed with the product when it arrived. The steel strips that fit on the door frame are thick enough that it is hard to imagine anyone kicking hard enough to make the strip itself fail. They are anchored with 14 three inch long screws that go through the door frame into the frame of the house itself. The reinforcement strips fit over existing strike plates, so there is no chiseling or routing to do on the door jamb. There is an simple but ingenious system to fit almost any spacing between the existing lock sets without having to modify the strips themselves. "Door Lock Guards" complete the system to prevent the door itself being splintered or splitting apart at the weak points around the lock mechanisms.


Finally, this product is unobtrusive. Where it does show, it is an attractive gloss white that looks more like an appliance finish than the typical "institutional" bare metal finish of most security products. You don't see any of the chains or clunky hardware of most other devices. I had a couple of questions about installing the product, but the customer service was very prompt, courteous, and helpful. I recommend Door Security Pro. My wife feels much safer being at home and we don't have the monthly cost of a security service. Friends tell us that after maybe 3 false alarms the police will not respond anyway. We just purchased 3 more Door Security Kits to add to all or our exterior doors.



Bill in Baton Rouge








Your Product Stood the Test...


I purchased a 72" unit (the Door Security Pro XL) in July of 2011 after someone tried to kick in my front door. Last week it stood up to a potential intruder. Someone gave my front door a few solid kicks and failed to get in. As with many things, it's better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it.

I'm glad I had this; Everyone is safe, though a little shaken. Thanks for a great product!


Ed T. - Raleigh, NC

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