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Door Jamb Pro - 48" Door Jamb Door jamb reinforcement plate - This product installs directly on the door jamb (on the side closest to the deadbolt). All mounting hardware is included as well as the necesssary hinge reinforcement screws.
Door Jamb Pro
Door Jamb Pro Standard Door Security Kit: Includes One 48" Door Jamb Pro + One Door Lock Guard + 3 Hinge Reinforcement Screws + One T-20 Drive Bit  + 10 Mounting Screws
Door Jamb Pro Standard. Kit - For Exterior Doors
Door Jamb Pro Deluxe Door Security Kit:
Door Jamb Pro Deluxe Kit - For Exterior Doors
Door Jamb Pro Door Security Kit - ID (For Interior Doors)
Door Jamb Pro - Interior Door Security Kit
One Door Lock Guard
Door Lock Guard

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Order This If You Only Want to Reinforce the Door Jamb and Hinges

Order This If You Want to Reinforce the Door Jamb, Hinges and the Deadbolt

Order This If You Want to Reinforce the Door Jamb, Hinges, the Deadbolt and the Door Handle Latch

Order This If You Want to Reinforce the Door Jamb, Hinges and the Deadbolt on an Interior Door

Order This If You Only Want to Reinforce the Deadbolt or the Door Handle Latch

All of Our Products Are 100% Guaranteed to Work as Advertised or Your Money Back!


We have never seen a door or door frame fail that has a Door Jamb Pro product installed on it, but should it ever happen, our guarantee is simple. If you install a Door Jamb Pro product on your door or door frame and your door or door frame ever breaks, we'll exchange the damaged product with a brand new product of the same type at no charge (after you return the damaged product back to us). You must provide us proof in the way of a police report and/or an insurance claim, plus any other important supporting documents and pictures.


The standard $14.95 shipping fee is only available within the United States. In Canada, it's $29.95. Outside of the U.S. and Canada, you still pay the $14.95 shipping fee, but you also must pay the additional shipping costs to your country. Please contact us for the exact shipping rate for your delivery location.


Return Policy: 30 days. You may return any product for any reason, as long as we receive the product back within 30 days of the purchase date. We will refund the full amount for the product returned, minus the $14.95 shipping/handling charge. If you purchase during a special shipping promotion, we will deduct our exact shipping cost from your refund. Return shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer.


Please contact us before you return any products as we MAY need to supply you with a return authorization number as well as our return shipping address. Please call our office at: 1-877-DOOR-KIT (1-877-366-7548) or email us.


Refunds: We are required by our payment processors to issue refunds in the same manner in which the purchase was made. We just reverse the charge.