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Product Installation Instructions

Door Jamb Pro - 48” Installation Instructions


Tools needed:


– Electric drill

– 1/4” socket bit (for the drill)

– Torxbit (included)

– Phillips head screwdriver (medium)


Before you begin installing the Door Jamb Pro, remove ONE of the center screws from each of the

hinges attached to the door frame and replace them with one of the 3” screws that we provide. Drill the

screws in SLOWLY and do not over-tighten them or you may pull the door frame out of square.


Installing the Door Jamb Pro:


1. Place the Door Jamb Pro on the inside of the door jamb (over top of the strike plates) and align

the holes in the Door Jamb Pro with the pre-existing strike plate holes on the door jamb. Adjust

the Door Jamb Pro up or down as needed to create the best fit. * If the holes do not match up

properly, you may need to drill a new hole in the Door Jamb Pro to accommodate the deadbolt.

Use a 1” drill bit or a 1” bi-metal hole saw.


2. With the Door Jamb Pro properly aligned on the door jamb, install a screw in the center hole. *

You do not have to pre-drill the holes as we provide self-tapping screws.


3. Close the door to check for proper fit of the door latch and the deadbolt. If needed, remove and

adjust the position of the Door Jamb Pro to create a good locking position.


4. Open the door and install the remaining screws into the Door Jamb Pro starting from the center

screw and working your way out installing the remaining screws in each direction.


5. Close the door, check the operation and clearances. If the door rubs or is tight against the Door

Jamb Pro, slightly tighten all the screws in the Door Jamb Pro. If the door is still tight, slightly

tighten the 3” screws you installed in the hinges. If the door is still too tight, you may have to

recess the Door Jamb Pro into the door frame. If you are unable to do this, any handyman or

carpenter can easily do this for you.



Download Instructions >

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Door Lock Guard Installation Instructions


Tools needed:


– Electric drill

– 3/16” or 1/4" drill bit

– T-25 drive bit (included)

– Phillips head screwdriver (medium)

– Pencil


Door Lock Guard Components (5 total, below left of black line in photo)





















To make the installation instructions much easier, we have named each part in the above photo.


Part A – The white strip on the far left

Part B – The second white strip from the left

Part C – The third white strip from the left


The two objects between the first and second strips are called binding posts.


The object on the far right is to show you how Part A and Part B connect using the two binding posts.


You mount one Door Lock Guard next to the door handle and one next to the deadbolt. The instructions

below are applicable to both but we will just describe how to install it on the deadbolt. * If you are only

installing one Door Lock Guard, it should be installed on the deadbolt and not the door handle.


The correct placement of Part B is the most important issue. Part B goes on the outside of the door

between the deadbolt and the edge of the door. See the example below:





















There is usually about 1” of space between the edge of the deadbolt and the edge of the door.


1. Go outside and close the door. Place and hold Part B on the door as shown above.





















2. At the same time, place and hold Part C on the door frame as shown above. Remove Part C and

keep holding Part B in place. Mark each hole with a pencil.


3. Go back inside and using a measuring device, mark EXACT corresponding holes the inside side

of the door. Part A mounts on the inside of the door as shown below:





















4. Start on one side of the door and drill a hole just over HALF WAY through the door in each of

the two spots you marked. Sometimes the drill bit will want to move a bit when you first start

drilling, you can avoid this by taking a nail and lightly tapping it once or twice in the center of

the spot you marked. By making this slight indention, you can place the point of the drill bit

there and the drill bit won't “walk”.


5. Go to the other side of the door and drill each spot you marked just over HALF WAY through

the door. The holes on one side of the door should now match up with the holes you drilled on

the opposite side, thereby creating one continuous hole through the door.


6. On the outside of the door, insert one of the long binding posts through Part B, through the door

and through Part A. Use one of the small screws and ONLY finger tighten it at this point. Install

the second binding post in the same way.


7. Go out side and mount Part C in the correct location using the screws we provide. Shut the door

and make sure that Part C is going into the U-channel of Part B. If it isn't, make adjustments

until it does.


8. Go back inside and tighten the two screws with a flat head screwdriver.


IMPORTANT! It is very easy to scratch the paint off the screws. We suggest that you place a

small piece of masking tape on the head of the screws over the slots, tighten the screws and then

remove the tape. Should you scratch the paint, you can touch it up by using white appliance

paint, or pretty much any other white paint that leaves a gloss finish.


*You can paint the metal parts to match their respective backgrounds, making them blend in nicely.

Before you paint them, rough up the surfaces with steel wool or sandpaper.


The installation is now complete. Thank you for installing the Door Lock Guard.


It was a wise decision toward greatly improving your home security.


Download Instructions >

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